We have a variety of healing modalities that we offer both for groups and individuals to help you thrive in all domains of your life.
Clinical Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy
Hypnotherapy is a powerful healing therapy. It allows one to address the core issues which are stored in the subconscious mind. It is a trance-like state where one is at heightened focus and concentration. During a hypnotherapy session, one feels relaxed (similar to when you fall asleep at night and when you first wake up in the morning).

Sound Healing
The sound and vibrations from various instruments are used to help heal and balance the body, spirit, and mind. A sound healing session is extremely meditative, allowing deep rest, nervous system rebalancing, and emotional release. In addition, the power of sound restores the body’s energy fields and strengthens your immune system.

Numerical Psychology
Did you know that we perceive the world diversely because we all have different “default settings” or built-in “software” we are born with? And that software correlates to our date of birth. Just like barcode stores product-related data like the date of manufacturing, expiry date, name of the manufacturer, country of origin, etc., our date of birth tells us through which perspective we see the world, how we communicate, what we want, what throws us off balance, and even what limiting beliefs we may have.

When we understand ourselves better, we are more likely to live a mindful, happy and successful life. Numerical psychology helps us know the “default settings” of ourselves and others, whether at work or home, helps us speak their language, attune to their perception of reality, and build more harmonious and efficient relationships with them.

Life Scripting
Founded by spiritual growth coach Maria Leonard, Life Scripting is a fascinating modern modality that combines 4 pillars: breathwork, words (affirmations), energy, and intuition. It is a safe tool for working with your subconscious mind and reclaiming your power of scripting the life of your dreams.

Family Constellations
Family Constellations, Systemic Constellations, Business Constellations, or Systemic Family Constellations is a mind-blowing therapeutic method founded by Bert Hellinger and based on the concept of phenomenology. A single group or individual session helps a client uncover hidden dynamics in the family or work environment and move the energy toward a peaceful and ecological resolution.

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